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Securities laws of certain jurisdictions of Canada require securities dealers and advisors, when they trade in, or advise with respect to, their own securities or securities of certain other issuers to which they, or certain other parties related to them, are related or connected, to do so only in accordance with particular disclosure and other rules. In certain provinces and territories, these rules require dealers and advisors, prior to trading with or advising their customers or clients, to inform them of the relevant relationships and connections with the issuers of the securities. Clients and customers should refer to the applicable provisions of those securities laws for the particulars of these rules and their rights or consult with a legal advisor.

Under certain circumstances Brant may deal with or for you in securities transactions where the issuer of the securities or the other party to the transaction is Brant Securities Limited or a party having an ownership or business relationship with us.

Since these transactions may create a conflict between our interests and yours, Brant is required by securities laws to disclose to you certain relevant matters relating to the transactions. This Statement contains a general description of the required disclosure.

Important Concepts
"Related Issuer" A party is related to us if, through the ownership of or direction or control over voting securities or otherwise, we exercise a controlling influence over that party or that party exercises a controlling influence over us.

"Connected Issuer" A party is connected to us if, due to indebtedness or certain other relationships, a prospective purchaser of securities of the connected party might question our independence from that party.

Required Disclosure
We must make certain disclosures where we act as your broker, advise you, or exercise discretion on your behalf with respect to securities issued by us, by a related party or, in the course of an initial distribution, by a connected party. In these situations, we must disclose either our relationship with the issuer of the securities, or that we are the issuer. We must also make a disclosure to you where we know or should know that, as a result of our acting as your broker or advisor, or of our exercising discretion on your behalf, securities will be purchased from or sold to us, an associated party or, in the course of an initial distribution by a connected party.

The following is a list of the time and manner in which these disclosures must be made:

  1. Where we underwrite securities, the required disclosure will be contained in the prospectus or other document being used to qualify those securities;
  2. Where we buy or sell securities for your Account, the required disclosure will be contained in the confirmation of trade that we prepare and send to you;
  3. Where we advise you with respect to the purchase or sale of securities, the disclosure must be made prior to our giving the advice; and,
  4. In addition, where we exercise discretion under your authority in the purchase or sale of securities for your managed Account, we may not exercise that managed Account discretion for the types of transactions described above.

We may, from time to time, be deemed to be related or connected to one or more issuers for the purpose of the disclosure and other rules of the securities laws referred to above. We are prepared to act as an advisor, dealer and underwriter in the ordinary course of our business to, and in respect of, any such related or connected issuer and in connection therewith to provide the full range of services customarily provided by us to and in respect of securities of the other issuers. In any such case, such investment dealer and other services shall be carried on by us in the ordinary course of our business as an advisor, dealer or underwriter in accordance with our usual practices and procedures and in accordance with all applicable disclosure and other regulatory requirements.

Brant Securities Limited or its directors, officers, partners, salespeople or other employees may, from time to time, recommend that you trade in, or provide to you advice about, a security issued by these listed persons or companies. If you wish further information concerning the relationship between Brant Securities Limited and these listed persons or companies, or if you have any questions, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer at (416) 596-4595 or 220 Bay Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2W4, fax: (416) 596-4546.

List of Connected Issuers:

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