Brant Securities Limited - Established 1919

Investing with Brant

The act of investing is easy; investing effectively is not. Purchasing a random number of stocks, bonds and mutual funds is the act of investing; purchasing a discreet number of specific investments defined by an investment strategy which is based on a reasoned view of the world as it is today, is investing effectively.

There are five expectations you should have of Brant, or anyone, who is recommending investments. These are:

  1. That your views and goals are heard, understood and respected;
  2. That the person to whom you are entrusting your future well being, has a well thought out view of the world and where it is going;
  3. That you don't entrust your money to any person until they have provided you with a clear and concise investment strategy based on these views;
  4. That benchmarks are established to evaluate the investment strategy and performance on a timely basis and,
  5. That communication is forthright and regular.

Ultimately the success of your investment portfolio is your responsibility; take the time to review your present portfolio and decide if you could be doing better.

If you would like someone at Brant to contact you about your portfolio please email or call

Keith McMeekin
(416) 596-4596